We offer services that solve Orangeburg pipe repair issues.

Orangeburg pipe is such an issue for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest and the Liberty Lake area.  Orangeburg pipe has plagued homeowners for decades.

Orangeburg pipe was originally touted as a long-term solution, now homeowners have to deal with issues from spot repairs to complete side sewer replacement.

What if my sewer line keeps clogging? Does that mean I have Orangeburg pipe?
There are many reasons why your side sewerline could be clogging.  Let’s cover them one by one.

Orangeburg Pipe History  Let’s take a brief look into the history of Orangeburg pipe and what it can mean for the homeowner.

Tree Root Clogging In Orangeburg Pipe And The Damage Cleanings Cause

When the homeowner opts to have their Orangeburg sewer pipes cleaned, damage can occur as the cutting heads of the rooter machine eat away at the Orangeburg pipe walls.  This is due to the material makeup of the Orangeburg pipe itself.  Made of bitutumous fiber formed into a pipe, this pipe comprises of many layers that resemble tar paper.  It is this ‘paper’ structure that gives weakness to rooter machine cutter heads.

Tree roots can play havoc on Orangeburg pipe because the weakness described previously also allows tree roots to intrude into the pipe when the pipe leaks moisture. The tree roots ‘sense’ this moisture and infultrate the Orangeburg pipe by exploiting this inherent weakness in the pipe.

Other Types of Pipe Side Sewers Use

For more information on other types of pipe side sewers use, check out our article on Common Reasons For Sewer Clogs