We offer a waterline repair and replacement service for property owners throughout the Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake areas.

Because of our highly experienced crews, we are able to offer fast and affordable waterline repair and replacement services.  We offer traditional waterline replacement along with trenchless waterline repairs which allows us to take the the most economical approach to waterline repair.

Common Waterline Repair Issues

Discussed next are common waterline repair issues that frequently confront homeowners.

Pinhole Waterpipe Leaks

Pinhole waterpipe leaks are fairly common in aging waterlines.  Although pinhole leaks happen for different reasons in different pipe types, these pinholes show up in both galvanized steel and copper waterlines.

In galvanized steel water pipes, pinhole leaks develop due to internal rusting inside of the waterline.  This rusting takes place over a long period of time.  This rusting takes place along the entire horizontal lengths of the waterline.  This is why when one leak pops up, more are sure to eventually follow.

Pinhole leaks in copper waterpipes show up for a different reason than in steel waterpipes.  In copper lines, the pinholes show up due to internal sanding of the walls of the copper lines from particles in the water that enters the home from your incoming water service.  These particles, although small in size, abrade the copper waterpipes over time with great effect.  Just like galvanized steel water pipe, when one leak pops up in your copper supply lines, more are sure to follow.

In both of these cases, the most economical solution is to replace sections of waterlines in their entirety instead of trying to apply ‘patch’ fixes.